Oklahoma City man accused of using camera to record underage girl in shower

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man is behind bars accused of manufacturing child porn.

Police say he set up a hidden camera in his shower. The suspect, Brent Cunningham, would then allegedly record an underage girl as she bathed.

The victim recently noticed the camera recording her every move and told her mom, who then called police.

"It had been hidden so it wasn't easily visible," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

Investigators say Cunningham set up the camera in his home, though it's not known how many times the suspect recorded the victim before being caught.

"Its unclear how long this had been going on," said Knight. "Right now we believe we've identified the only victim, but it remains unclear when this actually started."

"I've got grandchildren, so that does worry me that there's people in the neighborhood like that," said neighbor Shirley Stewart.

Shirley lives down the street from the suspect and says the allegations against Cunningham are sickening, but she never suspected anything unusual from the 46-year-old.

"I didn't realize this was going on," said Stewart. "I'm so glad they did get him. We don't need that here."

Manufacturing child porn is not the only law the suspect is accused of breaking.

Driving near May and Quail Creek last week, police allegedly found numerous illegal prescription pills and meth in a car driven by Cunningham.

When police came to search the suspect's home, they allegedly found the illegal recordings along with a significant amount of drugs.

"When officers went to the residence, they also recovered meth, enough to charge him with intent to distribute," said Knight.

The suspect remains behind bars facing numerous charges of possessing and manufacturing child porn, as well as drug related charges.

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