“I’m not going to put my child at risk to save another,” Unvaccinated family talks about measles outbreak

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(CNN) – Ann Jacks constantly checks her baby’s temperature and looks for a rash.

Last week, Eli was at an Arizona hospital at the same time as a woman who had the measles.

Now, he’s showing signs of the virus.

He’s just 10-months-old, meaning he is too young to get vaccinated against the measles virus.

Experts say he would be especially vulnerable to serious complications.

However, his parents have an even bigger worry.

If Eli has the measles, he could give it to his 3-year-old sister, Maggie, who has leukemia.

Maggie, who is undergoing chemotherapy, does not have a strong immune system and could suffer even worse complications.

“My biggest fear is that I’ll lose my child, or that she’ll become deaf,” Jacks said. “My family has been through enough with cancer. I don’t want her to go through anything else.”

According to health officials in Arizona, the woman at the clinic with measles wasn’t vaccinated. They also say the woman’s family got measles during a visit to Disneyland.

The Jacks family says they are angry that someone else’s choices are putting their children’s lives at risk.

However, Dr. Jack Wolfson says it is the Jacks who should keep themselves at home.

Wolfson, a cardiologist, refuses to vaccinate his family.

He says the family that didn’t vaccinate and endangered the Jacks children did nothing wrong.

“It’s not my responsibility to inject my child with chemicals in order for [a child like Maggie] to be supposedly healthy,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s very likely that her leukemia is from vaccinations in the first place. I’m not going to sacrifice the well-being of my child. My child is pure. it’s not my responsibility to be protecting their child.”

CNN asked Wolfson if he could live with himself if his unvaccinated child caused another child to become gravely ill.

“I could live with myself easily. It’s an unfortunate thing that people die, but people die. I’m not going to put my child at risk to save another child,” he said.

He blamed the Jacks family, saying Maggie should not be receiving treatment at the hospital.

“If a child is so vulnerable like that, they shouldn’t be going out into society,” he said.

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