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In Your Corner: Families scared and about to be homeless

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Del City, Okla. - Kathern Hendricks is worried sick.

Last week, families living at Cherry Hill Apartments in Del City, received a notice telling them they have 30 days to get out.

“The hardest part is not knowing what you're going to do,” Kathern said.

More tenants are wondering the same thing.

Larry Toney recruited family and friends to help move his stuff.

“I think they should have given me a lot longer notice,” he said.

We know Cherry Hill Apartments sold last year to an out of state investment group.

The new owners are doing a major overhaul to the property.

Zane Nixon is heading up those renovations.

While the original plan was to let families stay put, they scrapped that idea after workers had several close calls with children.

“My employees have almost hurt kids running over ‘em, twice,” he said. “It's been real close and twice, we've had to shut down for the day.”

That's when the eviction notices went out.

We got busy helping the families make arrangements.

Kathern has already found a new home.

Aspen Walk Apartments is offering families $200 off their first month's rent.

The property's assistant manager, Sonya Hand, wants to help make the trainsition as smooth as possible.

“They are needing a place to be and we want to help them out as much as possible,” she said.

We have more great news!

Two Fellas and a Big Vehicle wants to bless Kathern with a moving truck and movers.

“I do appreciate it,” she said. “Thank you. You know people don't realize every lit bit helps.”

We hooked up several more tenants with a free moving truck rental from U-Haul Moving & Storage of Bricktown.

Plus the new owners of Cherry Hill are giving families a $250 check to help with their new deposit.

Things aren’t ideal, but this too shall pass.

Kathern said, “You live day by day and hope for the best.”