Victim confronts suspect who allegedly stole, crashed her car.

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City woman came face to face with the man arrested for allegedly stealing and wrecking her car.

Silvia Robles says her child has special needs and the car that was stolen is the only way  she gets him to and from treatment.

She says when the police brought the suspect who stole that car back to her home, she lost it.

"I really wanted to hit him, I know I can't do it, but I'll see him one day and I will do it," Robles said.

She left her car running in the driveway, waiting for it to warm up so she could get her kids to school.

She says when she glanced out the window, she was shocked to see it was being stolen.

"I saw him get in the truck and taking off," Robles said.

But her quick thinking helped police catch up to him within minutes.

"I called the police, I called the dealership, they had him on GPS and everything." Robles said.

The high-speed chase went winding through neighborhoods, but came to a hard stop at SW 26th Street, where police say the suspect lost control and plowed into a light pole behind David Ralston's backyard.

Unfortunately, he says things like this are nothing new to the area.

"I see this all the time. All the time, this is the getaway route." Ralston said.

But Robles says she never thought anything like this would happen to her.

"I was shocked, confused, scared, angry, everything. I was everything." Robles said.

But now that she's had some time to cool off, she's just thankful her kids weren't in the car while she ran inside.

"I'm glad nothing happened, I mean material things come and go, but he's gonna pay." Robles said.


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