“He was trying to be my hero,” 12-year-old saves litter of puppies from burning home

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OKLAHOMA -- Home cooking nearly turns one metro house into a pile of ash. The home was saved thanks to firefighters, but a litter of puppies may owe their lives to one brave 12-year-old.

Standing in the smokey remains of her kitchen, Angila McClendon is relieved.

"I'm very grateful they got here and got it out before it moved," said McClendon. "Now we just gotta figure out how we're gonna replace the kitchen."

Angila was prepping to make a fresh batch of fries, when she stepped outside with the burner still on.

"Next thing I know I turn around, I see smoke coming out," said McClendon.

The kitchen was up in flames as a panicked Angila realized a litter of puppies was stuck inside.

"It was pitch black, I couldn't even make it to my bedroom where my puppies were."

But Angila wasn't alone. Her 12-year-old son Nathan was ready to help. The young man dashed to and from his mom's bedroom, with puppies in hand.

He even tried to persuade his mom to stay outside.

"I didn't want her in there," said Nathan McClendon. "I don't want her passing out or nothing."

"He was trying to be my hero," said Angila.

Oklahoma City firefighters were quick on the scene, saving the rest of the home.

Angila and her son suffered some smoke inhalation, but didn't have to be transferred to the hospital.

"I feel good. They helped me, they got me all feeling better," said Nathan.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 10 percent of home fires are caused by home cooking.

Click here for a list of tips on how to cook safely.

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