Woman claims she was attacked by ghost, has video surveillance to prove it

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SANTIAGO, Chile — A woman from Chile claims she was thrown to the floor as she walked past a desk at her lawyer’s office — and believes the culprit was a ghost.

According to Daily Mail, Cecilia Carrasco, 34, says she felt the shove, which was caught on video that has since gone viral.

She said she felt hands shove her to the floor.

Carrasco told the Daily Mail that when she looked up, she didn’t see anyone and thought they’d run away after shoving her. But the receptionist told her no one else had been there.

She was taken to the hospital with injuries consistent with a fall.

Skeptical doctors said the woman had received a substantial blow to the head, and that could have caused confusion about the circumstances of her injury.

But after these doctors were shown the video, they were unable to explain how she was shoved backwards by some force, the Daily Mail said.

Carrasco is convinced it was a ghost that pushed her. She said she’s never believed in ghosts before, but now is afraid to leave her house.

“Now I’m worried the ghost might be after me,” she told Daily Mail. “I have no idea why I was shoved over.”


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