OKC police officer back on job after near-fatal brain injury

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City police officer Matt Grice suffered near fatal injuries in a car crash in 2013.

Friday marked his first day back behind the wheel of a squad car.

Matt Grice is a fighter, although his career in the UFC got derailed when a car crash left him fighting for his life.

"I was getting ready for a fight so I was in good shape. They said that helped me survive," said Grice.

Grice underwent brain surgery at OU Medical Center in September 2013 after investigators say a distracted driver slammed into Grice at a stop light in Shawnee.

No one knew if Grice would survive, much less resume his career in law enforcement.

"The doctors said I'd never get back to doing what I'm doing," said Grice.

"Matt Grice is a walking miracle," said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama. "It's amazing what he's been through and overcome."

Once a state champion wrestler, Grice also got seriously injured in a separate car crash more than a decade ago.

"My wife tells me my 9 lives are running out. I hope that's not the case," said Grice.

The brain injury did leave behind a big physical reminder.

"The scar is pretty big," said Grice. "It's pretty awesome."

A once intimidating fighter, Grice is also a loving family man and now he's able to get behind the wheel and do the job he loves.

"We're public servants and we want to help people. That's what i enjoy," said Grice. "I can't wait to get out and do that."

Grice doubts he'll ever fight again professionally but he will continue to train others at his gym in Choctaw.

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