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Police: One Oklahoma man in custody following string of violent robberies

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A 22-year-old man is behind bars following a string of early morning burglaries in southwest Oklahoma City.

Police said he had an accomplice who is still on the run.

Officers had quite the manhunt on Friday morning, spooking residents and nearby business owners.

While Air One spotlighted the southwest side of Oklahoma City, police searched for two alleged robbery suspects.

The men were accused of robbing several people at five different locations in the span of about two hours on Friday.

"Jump somebody standing outside and assault them physically, take their purses, wallets," said Capt. Dee Patty, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police said the robberies took place at multiple 7-Elevens, a neighborhood Walmart, outside an area hotel and even at a busy intersection.

"Several of these victims have received significant injuries in their assaults," said Patty.

The victims were all beaten and left with cuts, bumps and bruises.

Lamont Eugene Taylor, Jr., 22,  was taken into custody.

Police records show just last month, he was arrested for assault and battery and first-degree burglary.

"They're crazy," said Orlyn Webber.

For nearby business owners, it was a surprising and unexpected morning.

"I thought, what's going on? Then I thought, those suspects are over in this area, so I ain't leaving nowhere," said Webber.

Orlyn Webber said he always takes extra precautions when he's alone.

"I usually drive by the building three times before I enter the building," said Webber. "More people need to be aware.”

Police are still searching for the second suspect in connection to these vicious attacks and robberies.

He’s described as a Hispanic male, standing about 5’9” with a slender build.

He was last seen wearing all gray.

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