At it again: Oklahoma woman says anti-fracking “Frankensign” vandalized again

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STILLWATER, Okla. - The attacks keep coming on the 'Stop Fracking Payne County' signs in Stillwater.

Last week, members of the anti-fracking group told us about their signs being stolen and vandalized.

Ariel Ross said she’d been through about four signs before her husband decided to try and outsmart the vandals.

He bolted the sign underground and attached metal plates to it.

The sign dubbed "Frankensign" also had nails sticking out of it.

It went untouched for about a week before vandals struck again this weekend.

“I don’t think they can get it out, so they seem to just be resorting to kicking it,” said Ross.  “Friday night, it was kind of kicked over and you could tell they’d tried to pull it out.  And the actual wires on the sign are pulled up out of the ground.”

 It happened again Saturday night.

“They kind of kicked it over to the other side.  There were a lot of footprints on it, clearly took a beating,” said Ross.

Members of the 'Stop Fracking Payne County' group say many of their signs have been targeted, one had even been run over.

Ross can’t believe the vandals continue to target her sign and she says she is not going to sit back and let them do it.

“A friend just dropped by a hunting camera at our house and we’re going to put that up.  And if we get a picture of someone, we’re taking it to the police because I feel really threatened and not safe in my house,” said Ross.

Ross says she believes the culprit is someone who lives nearby and knows when they’re at home and when they’re away.

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