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In Your Corner: Young family’s dreams shattered, for now

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MCLOUD, OKLA. - Bobby Norman prefers country living, except his life right now is anything but simple.

He’s a Marine Veteran, amputee, and single dad.

He wants to build his daughter a new home, something she can call her own.

For now though their dream must wait.

The project hit a big roadblock.

There are major problems with the plumbing and concrete pad.

Bobby says the contractor responsible for the shoddy work is Kevin Yeager.

We know Yeager cashed four checks totaling almost $15,000.

The In Your Corner team staked out his home near Shawnee.

He never showed, so we got him on the horn.

“I owe [Bobby] $1,600 and that's me being beyond fair with the situation,” Yeager said.

The contractor didn't want to answer our questions.

“I've been informed by my attorney not to talk to [Bobby] or anybody else about this,” Yeager said.

Besides his contracting work, Yeager is a rodeo bullfighter and has criminal convictions for concealing stolen property, writing a bogus check and driving with a suspended license and no insurance.

Now he's under investigation for something else.

Oklahoma State Plumbing Inspectors want to know if the person who did the shoddy plumbing work for Bobby is licensed.

This single dad's dilemma now is that he must rip out and replace the pipes and pad.

The marine knows adversity.

A horrible car accident took his arm and nearly took his life.

He learned to walk again and last January he competed in the Wounded Warrior Games in Colorado Springs and won two gold medals in swimming.

This latest setback is an opportunity for this young family to achieve something worthwhile.

“Tuck and roll, pop up and keep going,” Bobby said.

We're working to get Bobby and his daughter some help with their project.

We'll keep you posted.

  • Plumbers, roofers, electricians and mechanical contractors must carry a license.
  • Before you sign any papers or hand over your cash, verify they are in good standing with the state.

Verify roofing license.

Verify license for Plumbers, Electricians and Mechanical Contractors.