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Officer getting national attention for his kind response to suspected shoplifter

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LONDON, K.y. – It started with a complaint about a shoplifter, but ended with an act of kindness.

A Kentucky police officer took it upon himself to help a suspected shoplifter after learning about the man’s situation.

Officer Justin Roby was called to Kroger after workers spotted a suspected shoplifter.

“As a police officer, you have to, it’s not black and white for us. There’s a lot of gray. And you have to cipher through everything and you really need to figure out the whole story,” said Roby.

Roby met the shoplifter, who is a single father who had fallen on hard times.

He was caught stealing baby formula for his son.

“Me citing him for court wouldn’t have done any good for him. He’s already short on money, can’t afford formula, so me making him appear in court, he’s still not going to have any food for that baby,” he said.

Instead of issuing a citation, Roby purchased the formula for the man.

Roby says his fellow officers perform selfless acts every day, but they don’t always get recognition.

“I think when they look at us, they see just the uniform and just the car, just the tools that we have on our belt. But behind the uniform, I’m a human being and I’m a person out in this community just like any of them. I have a little boy. I’m a father just like that gentleman was,” he said. “We’re not these robots. You know, there’s a human behind the badge.”

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