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What’s The Hold Up? Woman frustrated by tax return delay

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman eager to get her tax refund says her recent filing has hit a snag. She wants to warn others, it's something that may impact a lot of state returns this tax season.

Robin Woolum filed on the first day she could, only to then get a letter her return was being amended by the state. It’s a problem she blames on the tax service she used, although the state says it could happen to anyone.

“Everything said mine was fine. I got e-mails that night from the state and federal that said it was accepted,” Woolum said.

But then she received a letter from the state saying her return was being amended.

Ms. Woolum did her taxes online through H&R Block. She reported the problem to them but felt like she didn't get any answers.

“I said what's going on? Why is my return being held up? He said, ‘Oh, there's a problem with the state return, the state program,’” Woolum said.

H&R Block told us they are checking but as far as they know, there are no issues on their end.

We checked with the Oklahoma Tax Commission too. As far as they know, there are no problems with the state system.

“If yours is one that is held up it's not necessarily reason to be alarmed,” Paula Ross, with the state tax commission, said.

Ross says a return can be held up for several reasons. It’s especially likely to happen in those returns filed early.

“We try to put edits in to make sure the tax payer is getting their refund and someone else isn't filing a fraudulent return,” she said.

Those "edits" are likely what put the hold on Robin Woolum's return. They could also impact others.

For security reasons the tax commission will not say what those so-called edits are, only that the goal is to prevent an identity thief from stealing a refund.

“It is to protect the tax payer,” Ross said.

If you have issues with your return or you get a letter like Robin did, the tax commission is willing to help. You just need to give them a call.

The tax commission says it has several safeguards in place to check each tax return and red flag any possible fraud. Those returns that are flagged do typically see a delay in their refund.

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