Update: Number of typhoid cases has more than doubled in Enid

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Updated 2/19/15 at 8:44 p.m.

On Monday, the Department of Health confirmed five cases of typhoid in Garfield County. That number has since ballooned to 12 cases... And they're reportedly all in the same extended family.

The the department says the public is not at risk, they do ask anyone experiencing symptoms to come forward.


ENID, Okla. - A bacterial disease transmitted by ingesting infected fecal matter is now in Oklahoma.

Officials are reportedly investigating typhoid fever cases in Garfield County.

The department is not saying who has it or how they got it, but they do want to assure the public there is no need to panic.

"It's unusual in Oklahoma and the United States, primarily people pick it up through overseas travel," Tony Sellars, spokesman for the Oklahoma State Department of Health says.

Because of HIPAA privacy rules, Sellars say he can not tell us if the infected family includes children, where they're being treated or when they got infected, but one thing is clear.

"Right now it's confined to one family group, right now there is no threat of transmission or risk of spread to the community," Sellars says.

In case you're still skeptical, there are some steps you can take to minimize your risk.

"If you wash you're hands regularly, most of the normal precaution we tell you to take for any communicable diseases, is what prevents it from happening," Sellars said.

Typhoid fever symptoms include fever, headache, stomach pains, and loss of appetite.

Fortunately, typhoid fever can be treated with antibiotics.  OSDH says a person will usually recover in two to three days with prompt antibiotic treatment.


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