Faithful followers: Study finds states with highest, lowest church attendance

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Source: NBC VOD

OKLAHOMA CITY – A new study decided to take a closer look at America’s religious community.

A new Gallup poll analyzed the states with the highest and lowest church attendance.

Researchers spoke with 177,030 people and asked them how often they visited a service at their house of worship.

Ten of the 12 states with the highest self-reported religious service attendance are in the South.

According to the poll, Utah has the highest church attendance rates.

Oklahoma made the list of above average church attendance, with 39 percent of the population reporting they attend church at least once a week.

The states with the highest weekly attendance are as follows:

  1. Utah- 51%
  2. Mississippi – 47%
  3. Alabama – 46%
  4. Louisiana – 46%
  5. Arkansas – 45%
  6. South Carolina – 42%
  7. Tennessee – 42%
  8. Kentucky – 41%
  9. North Carolina – 40%
  10. Georgia – 39%
  11. Texas – 39%
  12. Oklahoma – 39%

The state with the lowest attendance include Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

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