Cellphone Salvation: A solution for a soggy phone, it’s better than a cup of rice

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OKLAHOMA CITY --  He is a self-proclaimed klutz.  John Ferguson told us, "If I pick something up, I drop it.  I'm just too clumsy."

Recently, Ferguson was enjoying a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup, when his cell phone rang.  Moments later, his smart phone was swimming in a bowl of noodles.

"What do you do with this phone?  It just came out of a bowl of chicken soup.  It's gone.  So, I have to start all over again."

Every year, nearly 22 million people damage their phone or other electronic device by dropping it in the water.

But now, there is a unique new business, claiming they can fix your soggy cell phone.

Tekdry Owner, Craig Beinecke, told NewsChannel 4, "Tekdry is a process that dries out wet electronic devices in only 20 minutes."

Using low pressure and controlled heat, Craig claims his patented machine can restore 75 to 80 percent of all wet phones.

Tekdry is based in Colorado, but they are looking to expand into other markets, including Oklahoma City.

"Customers can mail in their phones and we repair them.  We have best results with wet devices that have been shipped within 48 hours of the accident," Beinecke said.

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