“Foxcatcher” Tells Story of Former Sooner Wrestlers

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The movie "Foxcatcher" is getting a lot of attention these days, primarily for the performances and the narrative of the story.

In Oklahoma, the story is well known.

Eccentric millionaire John E. DuPont ran the Foxcatcher wrestling club in suburban Philadelphia, and at different times had brothers Dave and Mark Schultz working with him there.

In January of 1996, DuPont shot and killed Dave Schultz at his home near the Foxcatcher estate, stunning the wrestling community and making national headlines.

The Schultz brothers both wrestled at the University of Oklahoma, with Dave transferring to OU after starting his career at Oklahoma State.

Mark followed Dave to OU, and both brothers went on to win NCAA individual national championships.

Dave won the '82 title, while Mark won three straight from 1981 to 1983.

Both went on to win gold medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, and they are the only brothers to win NCAA, Olympic gold, and world championships.

Lee Roy Smith is the older brother of legendary former OSU wrestler and current coach John Smith.

Smith wrestled with Dave for one year at Oklahoma  State, and worked with DuPont for a while at Foxcatcher.

Stan Abel is the former OU wrestling coach who coached both the Schultz brothers for the Sooners.

Their memories of DuPont's murder of Dave Schultz are still vivid, and neither man was surprised by what happened on that cold day in Pennsylvania in 1996.

Nearly two decades after Dave's death, the legacy of the Schultz brothers on the mat, and the memories of the situation at Foxcatcher are still fresh for those who were a part of it.

The movie "Foxcatcher" has been nominated for five Academy Awards;   best director, best original screenplay, best makeup and hairstyling, best actor for Steve Carrell, who plays John DuPont, and best supporting actor for Mark Ruffalo, who plays Dave Schultz.

Brian Brinkley talked to Smith and Abel about their memories of the Schultz's and their thoughts on the movie.


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