Returned to rightful owner: Garth Brooks’s daughter gets stolen truck back

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TULSA, Okla. (KOKI) — Owasso police say investigators in Tulsa recovered a stolen pickup truck, and it happened to belong to Garth Brooks’s daughter.

Someone stole Taylor Brooks’s truck, and it was found in a storage facility in Midtown Tulsa.

Police believe a man was cutting locks and stealing items out of the storage units. While they were looking for the man, police say they came across a pickup  truck registered to the daughter of Garth Brooks.

Last week, Taylor Brooks posted on Facebook that someone had stolen her black GMC pickup truck that was passed down from her grandfather. She begged for help in finding the vehicle, saying, “I love this truck more than anything.”

Earlier in the week, police responded to a burglary call at a storage facility after someone came across a man who was acting suspicious.

The witness says he saw another person getting into a storage unit, and noticed the lock had been broken. Doing a bit of his own investigating, the witness noticed that multiple units had been broken into.

Police were called to the scene, but the suspect slipped away.

“On top of the storage unit, you could bend the metal around and get into the other one, so the guy was able to crawl over, get to another one, and escape, is what we think,” police said.

While looking in the 20 storage units, they came across a stolen vehicle. Owasso Police confirmed it was Taylor’s truck that they found.

“It was missing some of the parts to it.”

Police say the suspect left foot prints in the snow by the fence.

“We did find some tools over by the fence, so it looked like the suspect had been breaking into other units, taking what he could get, or what he could pawn.”

Police say the witness was able to give them a description, and they are trying to work with him to tack down the suspect.

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