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OKC Public Schools getting helping hand to curb number of drop outs

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) is getting a helping hand to curb the number of at-risk students who drop out of school.

Kate Haydon, OKCPS Career Academy Coordinator, recognized AT&T at the district’s board of education meeting Monday for awarding the district a $15,000 grant through the National Academy Foundation (NAF).

The goal is to support career-themed academies in schools with high percentages of students who are at-risk of dropping out.

One of the programs that will receive funds is a ten-day summer bridge program to improve students’ math skills.

“Our students aren’t quite ready for math,” Haydon said, “and so if we can help accelerate them and get them ready for the engineering programs, they’ll do better in those programs later on.”

OKCPS has ten academies with the NAF and will add two more in August, Haydon said.

“It makes learning relevant and meaningful to them,” Haydon said, “plus we have business partners who are coming in and they’re mentoring students and they’re giving students field experiences and job shadowing opportunities.  They’re helping bridge the gap.”

NAF will work with OKCPS to increase enrollment and improve retention among students who are at-risk of dropping out.

Over the next two years, NAF and OKCPS anticipate enrolling an additional 400 students.  Ultimately, they will reach over 1,300 students with additional academies.


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