OKC superintendent says lawmakers are biggest threat to public education

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OKLAHOMA CITY - According to the Oklahoma City schools superintendent, the biggest threat to public education is our lawmakers.

In a recently published article, Rob Neu praised legislators who defeated House Bill 2003 - a measure creating school vouchers.

Neu said vouchers drain already strapped budgets.

"The greatest threat to public education in our state today isn't poverty. And it's most certainly not the federal government," Neu wrote. "The greatest threat to Oklahoma public education is the people elected to represent Oklahomans and Oklahoma's children. They have opted for feel-good rhetoric over hard work. They've opted to pick winners and losers among our children instead of providing hope and support for all. They've taken the path of least political resistance instead of charging headstrong toward the right and noble goal of great schools for every child. Oklahomans should not stand for it."

OKC Public Schools Board of Education member of District 1, Bob Hammack, agreed with Neu.

"As a board member, I would remind the public that anything that comes out of our legislature, please bear in mind that you're dealing with the 49th ranked legislature in the country," he said. "This is not a bastion of intellectual lighthouses out there."

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