Oklahoma City street crews battling snow and ice, see what safety tips they recommend

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City street crews are battling the snow and ice the metro received Monday.

Some of you have written in saying crews seem sparse, so we went to see exactly how hard salt and plow crows are working to clear the roads.

"This is our main salt storage facility," Marc Holland, OKC Field Operations Supervisor says.

The salt barn currently has a mountain of salt, containing more than seven tons of salt.  It's what Oklahoma City road crews are busy laying down across the metro.

"It takes a little while to get it going, to get the streets opened up, but we stay at it, steady around the clock," Holland says.

Truck after truck pulls up, fills up, and continues out, hitting the roads.

"We have approximately 1,180 lane miles of snow routes that we take care of, basically that's stretching from here to Las Vegas," Holland said.

City officials say one truck can only cover about 200 miles in a 12-hour shift.

"Between us and ODOT, we'll be able to get everything passable," Holland says.

The key word being "passable", as a driver you may not see what work goes in, but there is a goal.

"With this amount of snow and this much time, what we're aiming for is to get everything passable, not curb to curb dry surface, that's unrealistic, especially with the thaw and refreeze," Holland said.

Because of the large area to cover, crews only focus on snow routes.

"Snow routes aren't every major street in Oklahoma City, they're every other major street," Kristy Yager, Oklahoma City spokeswoman said.

While catching up on sleep tonight, remember this:

"This shift will stay on until midnight, there will be a shift change at midnight, another group will come in and pick up where they left off and keep going," Holland said.

Officials say street crews are working around the clock to improve road conditions along the City's snow routes.

Don't expect the City to plow or salt your local neighborhood.

According to the City, crews do not plow or salt any roads that are not snow routes.

Officials say crews will be working non stop until road and weather conditions improve.

Drivers are urged to take extra precaution when driving.

Safety tips:

  • Use extra caution when driving over bridges and overpasses.
  • Turn off automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Remember that posted speed limits are only to be followed during ideal weather conditions. Slow down while driving on snow or ice.
  • Give salt trucks plenty of room – stay at least 100 feet behind them so salt won’t get thrown on your car.
  • Plan ahead by getting up and leaving the house earlier.
  • Keep at least a three-car distance from the car in front of you.
  • Steer and brake more slowly than usual.
  • Keep warm shoes and clothes in your car.
  • Clear all snow and ice from your vehicle before setting out.
  • Proceed carefully through intersections.
  • Have a plan if you slide off the road -- who are you going to call?

Click here to see the snow routes in your area.


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