Sally Kern is once again defending one of her controversial measures

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OKLAHOMA CITY - State lawmaker Sally Kern is once again defending one of her controversial measures.

This comes after a human rights organization condemned her bill allowing parents to seek conversion therapy for a gay child.

Those standing up against the bill say it basically allows for child abuse.

But Kern says that is wrong.  She says it actually speaks specifically against some of the things opponents are worried about.

Kern says the measure allows a parent to put their child in therapy to help them figure out their sexual orientation.

But opponents believe the bill allows for therapy practices which could be considered abusive.

Carden Crowe went through what she called "conversion therapy" as a teen.  She says it only made things worse.

Members of the Oklahoma Psychological Association, The ACLU and Freedom Oklahoma spoke Monday against the bill saying this type of therapy increases depression and anxiety.

Rep. Kern says her goal is to simply protect the rights of parents, children and counselors.

The Representative says gay and lesbian activists have tried to ban any sexual orientation therapy in other states.  She says she is trying to make sure that decision stays in the hands of parents and not lawmakers.



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