Timing of wintry weather put metro school districts in bind

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The timing of Monday’s wintry weather put many metro school districts in somewhat of a bind.

The snow didn’t really start falling until most kids were either at school or on their way.

The roads quickly deteriorated throughout the day, but the school busses still had to drive their routes.

One of the metro’s smaller school districts, Crooked Oak, said it was prepared.

“I drove around about noon to kind of investigate it, see what it was like, then drove back out about 2:00. And our routes generally start about 3:00 so by then we had a good idea of what the streets were like,” said Crooked Oak transportation director, Lynn Harris.

Harris says it took about double the time to run their routes Monday afternoon, but that it went off without a hitch.

He says there’s not really a big secret to driving the big yellow vehicles.

“It’s like driving anything else. You just have to allow for the weight of the bus to be able to stop it in a timely manner if you need to stop fast. But other than that, the bus is heavy enough. It has good traction,” said Harris.

Parents waited anxiously at home for their precious little ones to be dropped off just a little later than normal.

“I thought maybe the bus got in a car accident or something so I was kind of worried about that,” said Juan Mercado.

Mercado’s son, Isaia, made it home just in time to pelt snowballs at his dad.

“I’m just glad he made it home safe,” said Mercado.

“All the busses reported back in and you’re always glad to hear that they’re back safe, got all the students home,” said Harris.