Caught on camera: Suspect tackled into snow

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GREENDALE, WI. (WTMJ)– Two civic leaders became crime stoppers Saturday.

Police were searching for a suspect at the Village Center Shops after finding opened doors at the shops around 4 a.m.

Seven hours into the manhunt, Greendale Police were about to send in K-9 units when the burglar ran out of one of the shops and right into Village Trustee Jim Birmingham.

“He came around the car, and in my feeble attempt, I tried to jump him and he pushed me aside,” Birmingham says.

Seconds later, Village President John Hermes was able to bring down the suspect.

“He was running right at me,” Hermes said, “and I just gave him a nice butt into the snow bank and tackled him. And then the police were right behind him and grabbed him after that.”

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