Reports: Chicago suburb used tax-payer dollars to pay Garth Brooks to open world tour in their arena

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ROSEMONT, Ill. – We all know Garth Brooks is a country star in great demand right now, but one Illinois community is being criticized for using tax-payer dollars to pay Brooks to open his world tour in their community.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Rosemont, which is a suburb of Chicago, paid Brooks more than $1 million to launch his comeback tour at the Allstate Arena.

Rosemont also reportedly slashed the arena’s rental fee.

With or without the financial incentives, Brooks was bound to make a lot of money.

With an estimated gross of $12 million, his Allstate arena shows broke the North American sales record for a single city at the time.

Rosemont officials say they came out ahead financially, but didn’t want the records released out of concern other musical acts will demand better deals.

“Rosemont knows how (to) operate government effectively and efficiently, like a business,” Town spokesman Gary Mack said in a statement. “Any day that the village can trade a million dollar investment for more than a $2 million return to its taxpayers it will do so. That’s not only prudent governing, it’s smart business.”


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