ODOT talks about helping you escape Mother Nature’s icy clutches

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OKLAHOMA CITY -The snow storm has passed and the snow is melting, but that doesn't mean roads will be completely cleared.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says if we have an overnight freeze, they'll be out early helping you get to where you need to go.

Snow plow driver Max Smith with ODOT summed up Oklahoma's weather this week saying, "Mother Nature is that way as soon as you think she's done, she'll change things up on you."

Something unsuspecting drivers learned Saturday as crashes, rollovers and spin-outs littered the highways.

Smith is out to keep drivers from falling victim to Mother Nature's icy clutches.

"ODOT will have employees that are out monitoring everything throughout the night just in case slick spots do occur," Smith said.

But until they find those slick spots, highways won't be freshly treated.

"We'll save, cause if you just throw down on a plain road, vehicles will blow it off and you're just defeating the purpose," Smith said.

So drivers could be on their own.

"Roads are pretty much clearing up pretty good, they say temperatures are rising and the salt is doing its job," Smith said.

A lot can change over night, so if you're out on the roads early tomorrow, Smith says keep a close eye on where you are driving.

"Do what they've been saying all week: slow down, leave extra space between vehicles, leave in plenty of time, give yourself extra time to get to a place. You know there's no sense in getting in a hurry because that's when accidents happen," Smith said.


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