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Four arrested after cameras catch Metro crime spree suspects in the act

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Burglary suspects caught on camera.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Four people, including two juveniles, are behind bars after a string of burglaries all over the metro.

A ton of businesses were hit, from a Metro PCS store to Snip Its, a children’s hair salon near I-240 and Penn.

Many doors are now boarded up while others are waiting to be replaced after being smashed in.

“I never thought that a kid’s salon would be busted into, so I’m a little surprised,” said Stephanie Thomas, Snip Its Manager.

Police said there were 10 burglaries across the metro from NW 11th and Meridian, to SW 29th and Douglas and businesses along 1-240 near Penn.

Officers arrested two adults in connection to the crimes, 23-year-old Giovani Arrezola and 19-year-old Miguel Cuellar, plus two juveniles.

“In each one of these cases, the scenario was the same. The suspects used something to break out the front glass on the business and ultimately gain entry,” said Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The suspects temporarily got away with all kinds of stuff like gloves and beanies from Payless, cash from GNC, and $8,000 worth of cell phones from Metro PC- even a selfie stick.

“Our front desk is right by our window so I can see us being an easy target,” said Thomas.

At Snip Its, nothing was taken, because they keep their cash in a more secure location.

Luckily the hair salon has security cameras that caught the intruders on tape, a clue to helping police catch the suspects.

“I hope they feel sorry for what they did. I hope this is a lesson learned and I’m really glad they got caught,” said Thomas.

Police said the investigation is ongoing. They’re looking at linking other burglaries in the recent past to the four people arrested.

All suspects face multiple burglary charges.


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