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OKCPS Superintendent talks about how he is challenging the state legislature

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The superintendent of Oklahoma’s largest school district joined Kirk Humphreys, Mike Turpen, and Kevin Ogle on Flashpoint to talk about how he is challenging the state legislature.

Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu gave an interesting set of thoughts about our schools and education in Oklahoma on Flashpoint.

Neu made headlines recently for saying the biggest threat to public education is our lawmakers.

“The greatest threat to public education in our state today isn’t poverty. And it’s most certainly not the federal government,” Neu wrote. “The greatest threat to Oklahoma public education is the people elected to represent Oklahomans and Oklahoma’s children. They have opted for feel-good rhetoric over hard work. They’ve opted to pick winners and losers among our children instead of providing hope and support for all. They’ve taken the path of least political resistance instead of charging headstrong toward the right and noble goal of great schools for every child. Oklahomans should not stand for it.”

Neu talked with the Flashpoint panelists about what prompted his controversial statement.

The superintendent also talked about the three things he would like to see change.

Also on Flashpoint, we are remembering an Oklahoma City icon.

Former Oklahoma City Mayor Jim Norick passed away on Wednesday.  He was 95.

James H. Norick was the father of another former Oklahoma City mayor, Ron Norick.

He served two terms as mayor, his first from 1959 to 1963.  He was elected to his second term in 1967.

During his time as mayor, the city began a major annexation campaign and Oklahoma City’s land area grew several times over.


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