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In Your Corner: Christmas light installer leaves customer hanging

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NORMAN, OKLA. - Percy Bolen says he’s not agile anymore or fond of heights.

Way back in early December he paid David Dickens and Grass Masters more than a thousand dollars to install his Christmas lights.

“They were in and out of here in 30 minutes to an hour,” Bolen said.

Dickens and his crew were supposed to return right after the New Year to take down the lights.

It’s March and they're still up.

We uncovered two more complaints against dickens and his landscaping company on Facebook.

We tried getting him on the phone, but all of his numbers are disconnected.

He's also accused of breaking into a car and stealing someone's cell phone. 

Friday, we caught up with him in court.

The landscaper tells us he wasn’t aware Bolen’s lights were still hanging on his house.

He says one of his employees was supposed to take them down.

“I've been gone, out of the country in Mexico,” he said. “If the lights are still up, we'll get the lights down tomorrow.”

We didn't think Bolen needed to wait a minute longer.

I called up an old college buddy for a favor.

Rahd Rahmanzadeh and XPW LED Holiday Lighting got right to work.

“I was kind of shocked someone had Christmas lights up on their house in March,” he said.

Bolen's in good hands now.

He says she plans to express his thanks by paying it forward to someone else.

Hiring a Christmas light installer:

  • Get a few quotes.
  • Ask for proof of insurance.
  • Pay half the money up front and the rest after the lights come down.