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Oklahoma City website shut down by cyber attack

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma City Government website came under attack Tuesday afternoon, shutting down the site for more than an hour.

City officials first alerted the public via Twitter.

"The website just went down," said Ian Anderson, IT security manager for the city. "It's like you typed in okc.gov and just...nothing."

Anderson tells KFOR the website was a victim of a cyber attack, specifically a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack.

"A DDOS is when a whole array of computers all across the world work together, in order to flood your web server with traffic."

What's worse, many times the cyber assailants use a host of devices to attack websites, including home computers and smartphones.

"What happens is malicious software is installed...now this machine will do the bidding of whoever controls it," explains Anderson.

But keeping your computer under your protection is accomplished fairly easily.

"I would invest in a very good anti-virus, just to prevent any malware from coming in," said Phi Tran, Operations Agent for Geek Squad. "[Take] good internet security precautions."

City officials are working with authorities to find those responsible, but say they received a tweet before the attack that could provide a lead.

The website was up and running within a couple hours.

However, Wednesday morning, the site was attacked again.

No word on when the website will be back up and running.


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