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International dog adoption drama

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Mass. — One dog, who has made the journey from Aruba to the states, is stuck in the middle of a court case between her original family and her new adoptive parents.

A court will decide where the dog will live — Massachusetts or Aruba.

A couple from Massachusetts went on vacation to Aruba, where they found a dog on a beach near the resort they were staying at.

“We noticed that she seemed dehydrated, hungry, loaded with ticks. She seemed sad,” Lisa¬†O’Connell said.

Dan and Lisa O’Connell say they took all of the legal measures necessary to adopt the pup they call Coco.

But then, the O’Connell’s received an email from the agency that someone was looking for the dog they just adopted.

A post on a Facebook page appears to be from the owners of the dog, which they call Whitey.

“My dog that was taken away in Aruba and shipped to the United States within only two days!” a post on the page says.

Dan told WJAR Tuesday that they have no intention of returning the pooch that was so poorly taken care of.

“Ethically and morally, we’re not going to send this dog back,” Dan O’Connell said. “Legally, we adopted the dog per every law in Aruba that says we could adopt the dog. We went through all the process. We own the dog.”

The case is being handled in a Massachusetts district court.

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