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St. Patrick’s Day: Americans spend billions on Irish holiday

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It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and that means you’ve probably seen a lot of green... from clothes, to beer, to food.

Businesses have seen quite a bit of green, too.

That’s right, studies rank St. Patty’s Day as one of the top dollar spending holidays.

While people are celebrating the luck of the Irish, more than $4.5 billion is spent in the U.S.

That's a big pot of gold.

"Hit the shower, get ready, put the green glitter on, find all my fun stuff," said Cheryl Love.

This is a day where folks can come together, dressed in green, and take part in celebrations like eating themed meals.

"You're in the heart of St. Patrick's Day right here," said Joe Wilhite.

"We had green eggs and ham," said Andy McMinn.

The average American spends about $37 on St. Patrick's Day items, according to http://wallethub.com/blog/st-patricks-day-statistics/10960/
"I probably won't get out of here under $100.00," said Johnny Easteb.

Even green beer has become a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

"I have my drinking glove, can't go without that," said Easteb.

Apart from green beer, Guinness is the drink of choice; 13 million pints of the Irish beer are sold worldwide on this day alone.

Unfortunately, with the drinking, comes the higher risk of drunk driving accidents.

One couple at O'Connells in Norman had their friend give them a ride so they could celebrate their anniversary on St. Patrick's Day.

"It's good to have a good time, but you also have to be responsible as well," said McMinn.

"It's special because we met on St. Patrick's Day in 1993, and we got married on St. Patrick's Day in 2002," McMinn said.