5-year-old ‘bubble boy’ is asking for a simple favor

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A five-year-old boy with a severe immune disorder is asking people to wear yellow for him.

Seth Lane has spent large parts of his life in the hospital battling Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) which is also known as “bubble boy” disease, according to Mashable.

The disease requires patients to live in sterile environments.

He is about to undergo a second bone marrow transplant in order to save his life.

As Seth prepares for his operation, his parents helped him record a video message.

In the video, Seth holds up cards that explain his illness and asks people to wear yellow on March 27.

“I’m in hospital. I was born with no immune system. I need a second bone marrow transplant. On 27th March lots of people are going to wear yellow to show me how much support I have. Do you want to join in?” the ┬ácards read.

“Post a picture of you wearing yellow to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #wearyellowforseth.”

You can follow Seth’s story here.


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