Oklahomans try to solve mascot mystery

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma City Dodgers, the triple A baseball team previously known as the Oklahoma City Redhawks, are asking for your help in naming the team's new mascots.

The Dodgers are keeping the faces of the mascots a secret... But we have been told the silhouettes are of one male and one female animal that is indigenous to Oklahoma.

We showed some zoo-goers and asked what they thought the shadowy figures resembled.

"Maybe a horse or a bronco," one woman said.

"It kinda looks like a zebra or something," another woman said.

"That is obviously a two-toed sloth," one boy said.

But with the animal remaining a mystery, we asked what you thought the mascots should be named.

"Will Rogers," one woman said.

"Umm, Kevin," a little boy said.

Facebook posts even came up with "Roger and Dodger," "Quake and Tornado," and "Frick and Frack."

Fans will be able to submit suggestions until March 25.  According to the Dodgers website, once all nominations have been submitted, the team will narrow down the field to three names for each mascot. Fans will then be able to vote for their favorite out of the three names from March 26-31.

Winning names will be announced April 2.

Click here to vote on the official Dodgers mascot naming contest page, or submit your suggestion on twitter using the hashtag #okcdodgersmascot.

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