Moore tornado survivor says mold is taking over her new apartment

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A woman's house was destroyed by a tornado, and now her home is plagued with mold.

We went to the apartment at Remington Apartments on S. Santa Fe in Oklahoma City, and as soon as you walk in, there's a moldy smell.

The family living there says they're fed up and just want the mold gone.

"This was all black and it's coming back through, you see them black spots?" Lorrie Brown, who rents an apartment at Remington says.


Mold found on the ceiling of a Remington apartment

A picture shows what the ceiling was like days ago.

"It will be back, all the way black before you know it," Brown said.

This grandmother has already gone through disaster; she was a survivor of the 2013 Moore tornado.

"We was renting in Moore when that tornado came through and wiped everything out," Brown says.

Now, things are taking a turn again.

"I just want out, I want to find another place that's clean, doesn't have mold and making us sick," Brown said.

She says she's gone to management several times, but they just keep bringing in fresh coats of paint.

"She goes, no, no we'll fix it, and that's when, but every week it's been like that," Brown says.

It's also in the kitchen.

"See that, you see it moving, like mushy," Brown said as she demonstrated a wall near her stove.

We tried talking to management, they assured us they have fixed it, but the man that painted the apartment had other advice.

"He said, I'm not messing with none of this, and he said you're going to have to stay in the office, because they're not going to fool with it, you have to stay on it," Brown said.

Brown has set up a fundraising page, hoping she can get a head start to getting back on her feet.

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