10 nutritionists choose meals they would order at McDonald’s

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Credit: Rich Brooks/CNN

Even though some people may try their best to avoid McDonald’s, sometimes it seems like the only place around.

For times like those, the Huffington Post asked 10 nutritionists what they would order at McDonald’s if there were no other options nearby.

The nutritionists suggested ordering grilled items instead of fried and incorporating veggies or fruits.

“When possible, order grilled instead of fried; eat something with protein; try to incorporate a vegetable or fruit; select a meal that will actually fill you up.

They also provided this list of healthy options:

  1. Regular burger with a side salad
  2. Sweet chili chicken wrap (grilled), apple slices, and a side salad
  3. Four-piece chicken nugget, small fries, apples and a go-gurt
  4. Premium southwest salad (with no chicken), McCafe latte and cuties
  5. Fruit and maple oatmeal – without the brown sugar
  6. Fries and a small chocolate shake
  7. Bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken (and half of the dressing)
  8. Premium southwest salad with grilled chicken
  9. Premium McWrap southwest (grilled)
  10. Southwest salad without chicken

Read more about the nutritionists selections here. 


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