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Popular Italian-American restaurant says someone keeps stealing their art

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A popular Italian-American restaurant in the metro is fed up.

The owners of Flip's Italian Restaurant say someone has been stealing art off their walls, leaving behind empty space and taking away collections with sentimental value.

The owners said they feel insulted.

In a short period of time, four pieces of art have been taken from their walls.

Now they want the person responsible for the alleged thefts to bring the pieces back.

"Those three Clos Du Val posters were hanging just right here. One, two, three," said Betsy Mitschke.

Flip's Italian Restaurant recently celebrated their 30th year anniversary, and Betsy Mitschke said the missing art had a lot of sentimental value.

"Some posters that we bought in Napa Valley over 30 years ago when we were researching buying art for this restaurant," said Mitschke.

Security footage showed a man, who employees believe to be a customer, walk into the back hallway, grab the art, then walk out the door.

"It's stealing is the bottom line.  It's stealing and we take it very seriously and personal," said Mitschke.

Just six months ago a large photograph worth more than one thousand dollars vanished.

"Someone came in and helped themselves to a Charlie Schmidt photograph of a cow," said Mitschke.

She has a message to the people responsible, stressing that property belongs to the restaurant.

"It would be like me coming into your home or your place of business, whatever it is and helping myself to anything that may be on the wall, on the coffee table, in your pantry," said Mitschke.

If you know any information about this missing art, call police.


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