Teen who lost hand, part of arm overcoming obstacles

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There were tears and laughter as 17-year-old Cameron Cowling tested out his prosthetic hand for the first time.

"It feels real good to be able to grab stuff again... I got used to it not being there," he says.

It's been three months since the accident that took part of his left arm and hand. Cameron says he was firing a muzzle loader when it exploded.

His mother still hears the sound.

"I felt like I just hit my knees and just started praying," says Laura Long. "God please help me. Give me strength because I don't know what's going to be on the other side of that door,"

Cameron says he's fortunate he only lost part of his arm and hand.

"I'm just glad it wasn't anybody else," the teen said.

His positive outlook, so moving, especially to his family.

"Most kids would probably just close the door and not do anything, but he's just been really proud and stuff," says Aubrey Long, Cameron's sister.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Cameron has been focusing on relearning to play the guitar and being a good role-model for his sister.

"Teaching me how to be brave and not just fall and to keep myself up," sister Aubrey says.

Cameron says God and his supporters are the ones who motivate him. He's working to share his message of hope with others.

"I mean, just don't give up on what your doing and just keep on keepin on."

Cameron will be attending bull riding camp in April.

Funds have been set up to help his family pay for medical bills.

You can donate at Legacy Bank or his gofundme account linked below.

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