Viral Video: Baby thinks eating chips is hilarious

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This 4-month old baby thinks eating chips is hilarious.

Baby Ashlyn giggles with each crunch.

According to ABC News, Ashlyn’s parents noticed her fascination with sound one day while having a snack.

“My wife came home and we were sharing a snack while connecting over how our days went. To our surprise, Ashlyn started laughing at the sound of each bite of the tortilla chip,” Tim W., Ashlyn’s father, who posted the video on YouTube, told ABC News. “At first we weren’t sure whether the sound of the bag ruffling or the crunch from the bite was eliciting the laughter, but we found out that it was the bite! I quickly grabbed my phone to capture the precious moment. We thought it was so funny that Ashlyn would go from a serious face to a happy, giggling one!”

In just six days, more than 700,000 people have watched the giggling baby on YouTube.


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