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University of Oklahoma President won’t tolerate bad behavior

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With the racial situation involving the SAE fraternity remaining prevalent in Norman, OU President David Boren sent out a tweet to his students Sunday - the last day of Spring Break.

Boren says he is proud of the way students, faculty, and staff have come together to show their support and express their values.

The tweet reads, "Welcome back! I hope you all had a great spring break! Please see attached statement."

In the attached statement, Boren had somewhat of a warning.

"As the University continues through it's disciplinary and other processes, please continues to treat every member of our community with respect."

Since the SAE controversy came to light, many allegations have surfaced.

Stephen Jones, the lawyer retained by the fraternity, talked about death threats in his press conference.

"There have been some incidents involving current members of SAE where death threats have been placed, where there have been physical assaults or altercations on the University of Oklahoma's campus," Jones said at the press conference.

We also spoke with students after the video was released. Students in other fraternities and sororities say they have been harassed as well.

"People are definitely terrified," one OU student said.

One sorority group message read a sorority girl was "grabbed and spit on," and goes on to say "no letters this week please Yall it's just safer Sae is vandalized..."

Boren's statement urges students to call 911 immediately if they become aware of any threatening behavior.

"Retalation and/or threats of violence will not be tolerated," Boren's statement reads.

Boren ends his statement by saying, "This important dialogue and our actions going forward afford us another opportunity to demonstrate the great strength and core values of our University community."

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