‘I feel trapped smelling this every night,’ Moore tornado survivor can’t escape moldy apartment

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Mold is taking over a Moore tornado survivor's home.

Last time we were at Lorrie Brown's home, she showed us mushy, wet walls.

After our story aired, maintenance came to fix it, but what this woman discovered sitting behind the walls completely nauseated her.

"Last time I saw you, they come to the door like this, 'knocks', as fast as they could go, and I'm like what the heck??" Lorrie Brown said.

That was last Thursday here at Remington apartments.

Brown came to us, complaining mold was taking over her walls and her complex was not doing anything about it.

"It was wet all around there and in the sides of the wood up there was all wet," Brown said.

Brown saw black mold behind these walls, but that was not all.

"I said are you going to treat that? And he said no, it's dry, I said no, it's not dry and that is stool, molded stool on that sheet rock and pointed it out to him," Brown says.

She says this is moldy sewage from a leak in the bathroom pipe above her.

"We taped up the vents in there to keep from smelling stool because it's in the wood," Brown says.

We tried talking to the leasing office again, we asked, "Your residents are living with mold, are you aware of that? No...?"

"The doctor out there told me, this is definitely the cause," Brown said.

The mold may be the cause of breathing problems this grandmother has developed from only five months of living here.

"This stuff has made me so ill, I had to get a breathing treatment the other day, I've never had a breathing treatment in my life," Brown said.

Now she's desperate to get out, and get her children to a cleaner place.

"I don't have anywhere to go, I don't have any money, I've been praying to God to help us get out of here, and I feel trapped smelling this every night," Brown says.

Brown says after we left the leasing office, she was offered to move into a new unit.

She has set up a fundraising page in hopes she can just get out of the complex all together.

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