In Your Corner: Breast cancer scam calls ramp up

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SHAWNEE, OKLA. - Robin Nelson’s phone keeps ringing off the hook.

People keep thinking she’s soliciting donations on behalf of a breast cancer charity.

“[I tell them] I didn’t call you. I didn’t call you,” she said.

She’s received hundreds of calls from people returning a missed call from this out of state phone number, 312-614-1117.

Someone, using a similar number to Robins', is calling people asking for donations to help cure breast cancer.

We traced the call to a global telecommunications company out of Chicago.

A spokesperson tells the In Your Corner team they didn't make the calls.

Someone is spoofing their number, disguising their real number to fool people into thinking they're talking to a legitimate company or organization.

Anyone can download free “spoofing apps” online.

The In Your Corner bottom line:

Calls originating from this number and asking for donations are a scam! 

Robin’s mom passed away from breast cancer.

She said, “So it's kind of close to my heart and there's nothing wrong with donating to any organization, but you just have to be careful about people that solicit over the phone and ask for money.”

We know there was a glitch with Robin's number and her phone carrier's been working to fix the issue.

You too can block harassing phone calls by contacting your phone carrier. 

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