Moore families share their stories of surviving tornado twice

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MOORE, Okla. - With no sirens to warn them, families scrambled to take shelter Wednesday.

Robert and Carolyn Morehead barely made it to their safe room.

"We made it to the safe room and then we closed the door and then the sirens came on," Robert said.

Cody Frye says he and his family ran through the storm to seek safety at a neighbor's home.

"I really wasn't really thinking anything, I was just trying to get my kids and my wife across the street and just somewhere safe," Frye said.

Another terrifying experience for these two families who have already survived a tornado once before.

The Moreheads remember the one in May of 2003 that destroyed their home.

Again, these survivors band together for comfort and to recover.

"Were pretty lucky, we're more fortunate than most," Frye said.

They are picking up the pieces while counting their blessings once more.

"It's real wonderful to be alive and not hurt, so we are thankful for that," Carolyn said.

"The Lord is good to us. He takes care of us," Robert said.

The Morehead's home was hardly touched, but they did lose their RV.

The back part of Frye's home was ripped apart, but most of the home is still intact.

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