Tips for homeowners with tornado damage

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MOORE, Okla. - John and Melody Archer's car and home suffered a bit of damage on Wednesday night.

“It pulled the plywood up about three or four inches,” John said.

The couple admits they were not storm ready.

We asked independent adjuster, Alice Young, to help the Archers put a plan in place.

“Pictures, pictures, pictures,” Alice said.

She urges everyone to inventory their whole house before and after the damage.

“Maybe you might have a further crack the next day because you didn't notice it the day before, but you'll notice it in the pictures,” she said.

Also, hold onto all of your damaged items.

“This sounds silly, but he actually threw away a $24.99 patio cushion for a chair,” Alice said. “That's something the insurance is responsible to pay you for, but they're not going to pay you if you don't have it.”

Once you do get that insurance check take your time hiring a contractor.

We found lots of roof damage in neighborhoods.

Don't just go with the roofer who knocks on your front door. Remember, roofers must be registered with the state and are required to provide you with their roofer registry number.

They must also be insured so demand to see proof of their liability insurance and works compensation.

Experts say you should keep up with the Oklahoma Roofing Registry, verify contracting licenses and contact a public adjuster.

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