Wisconsin basketball player has embarassing, charming encounter with stenographer

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Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes was so busy admiring a stenographer at a press conference that he didn’t realize how hot his own mic was.

Hayes, intrigued by stenographers at the NCAA tournament, has gone out of his way to say words that might throw off the typists.

When asked if he had anything to say Wednesday, Hayes leaned up to the mic and said, “Syzygy.”

Seeming pleased with himself, but also noticing a stenographer he was trying to stump, he leans back and says to his teammate, “Gosh, she’s beautiful.”

As a few laughs come from the reporters, Hayes raises his eyebrows and asks the crowd, “Did you hear that?”

With chuckles from his teammates, and a dull laughter in the room, Hayes covers his face with both hands.

It was a charming the way to handle an embarrassing situation.

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