Storms possible this weekend

Moore residents say a tree thief kicked them while they were down

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MOORE, Okla. -- One thousand trees were donated to help with the rebuilding in Moore. Officials say 400 of those were stolen over the weekend.

The plan was to hand the trees out to Moore residents at the Moore Community Center over the weekend. Six hundred residents showed up to receive one tree each.

But Assistant City Manager Stan Drake says that plan was cut short when someone stole 400 of the trees that were meant to inspire hope and growth in the community.

1999, 2003, 2013 and now 2015, are just a few of the years Moore has been hit by devastating storms.

Amazingly, the community has managed to stay rooted through the tough times.

"They're positive, they're upbeat, they're building back. A storm isn't going to run them out of town." Drake said.

For tornado victim Sebrena Miller, that positive attitude shifted to anger when she says she heard that someone made off with trees that were supposed to help the community re-build.

"We are all devastated enough and you couldn't really imagine unless you were in it how much even a toothbrush means, just to be able to brush your teeth, " Miller said.

"There's always one bad apple in every bushel," Drake said.

For Miller, who lost everything in Wednesdays Tornado, the apple isn't just bad, it's rotten.

"We need the trees, those are God's trees. God didn't give them to somebody to steal, he gave them to replace what people lost and whoever stole them, you're wrong, because this community needed it," Miller said.

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