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‘Why did she have to die?’ Father talks about grief after daughter found dead in mom’s freezer

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DETROIT – The father of a child who was found dead in her mother’s freezer is talking about his grief.

“For two years. Every time I asked she said they were never there. She was right there. She was right there,” said Alex Dorsey.

Last week, police found 13-year-old Stoni Blair and 9-year-old Stephen Berry inside their mother’s freezer.

Autopsies showed the children died from multiple blunt trauma.

“Why did she have to die? She didn’t do anything wrong to nobody?” asked Dorsey.

Alex Dorsey told WXYZ that two years ago, Mitchelle Blair suddenly stopped letting him see his daughter, Stoni Blair.

Police say that is when Blair allegedly killed Stoni.

“She was sitting right there. Lord have mercy, she was sitting right there,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey says Blair would tell him his daughter, who would have been 15 now, wasn’t home.

He would talk to his oldest daughter, who is now 17, at the door.

“She said mom said you can’t come in,” he said.

Dorsey told WXYZ that he used to stop by Blair’s apartment every month.

He says Blair wouldn’t let him see his daughters because he didn’t “have enough money.”

He had lost his job a few months prior.

The state is now trying to take away his rights to his 17-year-old daughter, according to WXYZ.

A petition says he abandoned his girls, failed to take legal action to obtain parenting time, and owes $39,000 in child support.

He says his family reported concerns to Child Protective Services in the past, but it only caused problems and the kids were given back to their mother.

The two surviving children, one of whom is Dorsey’s oldest daughter, endured years of abuse, according to WXYZ.

Police say the children were forced to stay inside the home, they weren’t allowed to go to school, and they knew their brother and sister were in the freezer.

The surviving children have been placed in protective custody.

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