Investigators attempting to identify murder victim stumble upon grave mix-up

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MUSKOGEE, Okla. (KOKI) – While attempting to exhume a body in an Oklahoma cemetery, officials stumbled upon a bit of a mix-up.

In the 1980s, an unidentified woman was shot to death in Muskogee County.

The case was never solved and she was buried without a name since she could not be identified.

Now, the medical examiner believes she may have been a missing person from Tulsa County. To make sure, officials were told to exhume the woman’s body at Green Hill Cemetery.

According to KOKI,  as investigators were trying to exhume the body, they  found a different body than the one they were expecting.

The Muskogee County district attorney said when the people were buried in the 1980s, the cemetery accidentally switched the bodies.

Now, officials are working to identify the body they recovered and are still searching for the one they originally planned to exhume.

The woman’s grave was located close to four other plots.

The district attorney’s office dug up another spot but found that it was empty.

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