Men caught on camera attacking Moore Police Officer

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MOORE,Okla.- A Moore police officer was cornered by several men Wednesday night, then attacked.

The tense moments were all caught on dash cam video.

Two men, brothers, are now charged with the aggravated assault and battery on a police officer.

Moore officers say they're surprised everyone came out alive.

Dash cam video shows where things escalated, during an arrest for a Moore Police Officer.

A man we now know as Ismael Soto, charges at a police officer.

"It looked like something you could see in the movies," Joshua Haralson, a neighbor said.

But this wasn't Hollywood.

"[He] charged the officer, running about 15-20 feet full speed at the officer, tackling him into his police car and was able to get on top of him where he started hitting the police officer," Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with Moore Police Department says.

But that video is not where this all started. Neighbors say it all began here when a truck crashed into the back of a parked car.

"He smashed into their parked car and kept trying to drive off so me and my brothers came running outside to help him," Haralson says.


Michael Soto

The man behind the wheel was Michael Soto.

"He just repeatedly kept saying I'm sorry, crying , you could tell he was drinking," Haralson remembers.

Pictures show the damage from that night.

"His buddies came down from the road saying, don't call the cops, we have this handled, and everything, pulls his buddy out, another one of them got in the truck, tried to back it up, but it hit so hard, the truck was latched on," Haralson says.

So the group took off down the road, Michael Soto, stumbling around.

You can hear in the dash cam video as the officer drives up, asking the group of men to stop.

The officer tried repeatedly to arrest Soto, but things continued to escalate.

In the video you can hear the officer telling Soto to get down or he will tase him.

When the officer tries to tase Michael, he turns and run towards the officer, falls, but in seconds, his brother Ismael charges at officers.


Ismael Soto

Seconds later, Ismael apologizes.

"I'm a stupid devil," Ismael can be heard saying on dash cam video.

The driver of the truck, Michael, is charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Both Michael and his brother Ismael are also charged with aggravated assault and battery on a police officer.

We're told both are out on bond.

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