New police dash cam video provides new perspective on Moore tornado

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MOORE, Okla. - Newly released video from police dashboard cameras show last week's tornado in Moore from a different perspective.

It reveals what an officer saw as the tornado began its destruction.

"Headquarters, they need to activate the sirens," the officer can be heard saying as he was driving near N.W. 27th and Janeway Ave.

The dash cam video captured the start of the debris cloud, outlining the tornado.

As cars headed away from the storm in the northbound lane, the officer raced south, toward the tornado.

It passed directly in front of him, churning up everything in its path.

"I think most people would be very panicked," Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, with the Moore Police Department, said.  "Our guys on the radio seemed very calm and gave good information."

"It's just an instinct for police officers to go into a dangerous situation.  I think it almost draws them in," he added.

After the tornado passed, torrential rain began to fall sideways.

The dashboard camera continued to roll as two cars almost collided.

The officer checked on residents in the storm's path and you can see lightning in the background.

"You kind of accept, like, this could be it," said Christian Soto, a Moore resident.

As the tornado was coming toward their home, Soto and his wife ran to their closet and pushed a mattress against the door.

"It all happened, it seemed, in an instant," he said.

"Every video we have, our guys are driving straight into [the tornado,] which is good and scary too," Lewis said.  "You know, we're not storm chasers."

Homes can be replaced, but family photos can not.

Several were brought to the police station after they were discovered by total strangers.

One of the photos was taken in 1962.

If you are missing photos and believe they are yours, call Moore police.

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