Should the Pope have given up pasta for Lent?

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VATICAN CITY- Even the Pope can’t escape the scrutiny over weight gain.

One of Italy’s leading news services says that doctors there have grown concerned over the pontiff’s diet.

Pope Francis’ eating habits have gotten international attention lately, after video of a man running to the Pope’s motorcade with a pizza made the rounds on social media.

A cookbook divulging the favorite foods of past popes reveals that one of Francis’ favorite dishes is a sugary Latin American treat called “dulce de leche.”

NBC News notes that he also likes empanadas, roast sirloin steak (or “colita de cuadril”), and other tasty dishes inspired by his homeland of Argentina.

So what, then, should papal cooks keep off the pontiff’s plate?


Doctors are telling the Pope to limit his pasta consumption to just two meals a week, saying that a hectic schedule and rich Italian foods have contributed to his weight gain since his arrival to the Vatican in 2013.

They also want him to make time for his daily walks and exercise more regularly.

Pardon the pun, but it would seem that the Holy Father has enough on his plate already!

Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 inmates and an infant at a mass on Holy Thursday, just one of the traditions celebrated during Holy Week, as Easter approaches this Sunday.

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